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How Can I Create Estate Planning Documents During the Pandemic?

  Even in its first few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to examine or reassess what is most important to them. The need to prepare in case of an emergency or untimely death has been highlighted by the tragic losses occurring around the country. What can you do if you can’t meet with… Read More »

What Advance Medical Directives Should I Have in Place If I’m Concerned About COVID-19?  

Though it’s always been true, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the point that a debilitating medical condition can strike without warning. Whether you’re fighting the coronavirus or are incapacitated for some other reason, your wishes regarding medical treatment should be honored by family members and healthcare providers. An experienced attorney can help you put… Read More »

Understanding How COVID-19 May Have Affected the Value of Your Estate

The economic and personal upheaval triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to warrant a review of your estate plan, no matter how thorough you think it is. As Americans cope with health fears and financial volatility, it’s worthwhile to determine whether a will, trust, advance medical directive or other legal instrument needs to be… Read More »

If You Don’t Have a Will Right Now, This is What You Can Do

Write a Holographic Will. What is a Holographic Will? A Holographic Will is simply a will that’s written, signed, and dated by hand. Yeah, it’s a weird name. We have no idea where it comes from. Holographic Wills seem simple enough, right? But they can cause a whole lot of headache for the family left… Read More »

A Walk for a Good Cause: Redlands 6th Annual Believe Cancer Awareness Walk

It was a beautiful and clear morning on Sunday, October 6, 2019. With nearly over 10,000 participants in attendance just waiting to walk for a good cause.  The streets were closed off as the city prepared for the Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. This highly anticipated event has gained popularity and attention throughout the years…. Read More »

What is a Living Will?

General Legal Information About Estate Planning Often times, I get the question “Do I need a living will?”. mIn the state of California, there is no such thing as a “Living Will”.  When this question is asked, the individual is usually wondering about who can make medical decisions for them if they are unable to… Read More »

The Washburn House

Our Office Building – The “Washburn House” The story of “The House that Moved to Redlands” is unique. Due to the rich history, it makes it one of the many irreplaceable Victorian homes in Redlands. It all started in 1893… Construction actually began in 1887 and additional was work was done in 1893. Dr. Sherman… Read More »


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