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A Dedicated Wills and Trusts Attorney in Redlands Helps to Contest Estate Plans

Protecting the rights of beneficiaries throughout San Bernardino County

Many people put off creating an estate plan until late in life, which can be a big mistake. Even though modern medicine has allowed us to live longer than ever, we are still susceptible to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, which may leave people unable to develop a valid will or trust. If a loved one has engaged in estate planning that you do not believe is legal or is inconsistent with the promises made during their lifetime, you need to work with a wills and trusts attorney at James B. Church, P.C., Attorneys at Law. The Redlands lawyers at the firm appear for you in probate court to contest wills and trusts, seeking a more fair distribution of the estate.  James B. Church, P.C., are successful, respected probate trial attorneys.

The challenges of contesting a will or trust

Trust administrators have a number of duties they must perform when managing a person’s estate. Failure to uphold these responsibilities can expose estates and their beneficiaries to financial risk, leaving them susceptible to debtors and tax collectors. Trust administrators may also fail to inform beneficiaries that the trust is being executed, denying them their right to a share of the estate. If a will or trust in your family has been mismanaged, you need knowledgeable estate planning lawyers who know how to contest these documents in probate court.

Attorneys may assist you in contesting wills and trusts on a number of grounds, including:

  • Capacity. If the person creating the will is unable to remember the correct distribution of assets and heirs, they may not have the mental capacity to enter into a legal contract.
  • Mental disorder. Mental disorders marked by hallucination and delusion, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, may leave a person unable to validly sign a will or trust.
  • Undue Influence.  The elderly are susceptible to improper pressure by family, friends, caretakers and others. This may result in an invalid will or trust.
  • Failure in duties. A trust administrator has many legal and financial responsibilities in managing a trust. Failure to perform these duties properly may be grounds to contest the trust and have the administrator removed from the process.

Strong representation when contesting wills and trusts in San Bernardino

To move forward with this process, you must file a case with the probate court in the area in which the will or trust is administered. A skilled trust administration lawyer can prepare the filing and represent clients in court to ensure that wills and trusts developed by loved ones are fair and legal. Don’t leave the future of your family’s estate up to chance — work with a skilled legal team right away.

Make an appointment with a San Bernardino County trusts lawyer

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