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Trusted San Bernardino Probate Lawyers Manage the Administration of Decedents’ Estates

Appointing an executor is an important part of the probate process

With the processes of estate planning and probate, there are a number of civil law issues that may come up, including tax codes and real estate filings. These issues are tough for anyone to handle alone, especially after recently losing a loved one. The San Bernardino County lawyers at James B. Church, P.C., Attorneys at Law help an executor or administrator navigate their way through the legal maze that is the probate process.

How estates are administered

Managing an estate is a complex process. Wills require an executor who can accurately assess the value of property and distribute it according to the deceased person’s wishes, and trust administrators must follow specific legal and financial guidelines as to how assets are distributed. Generally, estates in California are administered according to the estate planning methods engaged in by the deceased individual. This may include the following situations:

  • Will. If the deceased person created a will, it usually names an executor whose job it will be to marshal the assets, pay the debts of the decedent and divide the estate according to the deceased’s wishes. This can be difficult, particularly if the will is contested by heirs who claim it may not be valid.
  • No will. If there is no will, the estate will still go before the probate court, where the court assigns an administrator to conduct an inventory of the deceased’s assets and pay the debts.   The administrator then distributes those assets according to California probate law of intestate succession.

San Bernardino lawyers offering sound estate administration guidance

You can avoid many of the issues related to probate if you retain a Redlands attorney with James B. Church, P.C., as legal counsel to guide the executor or administrator of the estate. This ensures your property will be divided and distributed in accordance with the decedent’s wishes. Your dedicated estate planning lawyer takes proper action to manage debts and taxes, while protecting the estate from any disgruntled heirs.  When you hire an attorney from James B. Church, P.C., as legal counsel you will have professionals that know the legal system, the courts and the best way to navigate this difficult probate process.

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To learn more about the administration of decedents’ estates in California, speak with the lawyers at James B. Church, P.C., today. You may reach the firm online or by calling 909-283-0659. The firm’s Redlands office has plenty of parking available for your convenience.