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Proven Redlands Attorney Handles Probate and Trust Litigation

Skilled advocate assists clients in San Bernardino and Riverside counties

Legal disputes arising from the handling of estates and trusts can be costly and frustrating. At times like these, an accomplished probate litigator can advise you of the relevant law and assert your rights effectively. Located in Redlands, James B. Church, P.C., offers high-quality counsel to Riverside and San Bernardino county clients who are engaged in disagreements relating to wills and trusts. Whether the conflict concerns alleged fraud, undue influence or the breach of a fiduciary duty, the firm delivers strong support to Californians who are challenging wills and trusts as well as those charged with enforcing the terms of important documents.

Accomplished California firm litigates all types of will and trust disputes

During will and trust contests, James B. Church, P.C., represents clients in a thorough, cost-efficient manner. Even small disagreements can quickly turn into heated disputes that threaten the value of the assets involved. Accordingly, it is best to obtain detailed advice from a qualified attorney if you believe you might require assistance with:

  • Probate litigation — The firm’s background in California probate matters gives you the ability to make smart choices about how to handle estate administration concerns. Whether you seek an experienced courtroom advocate or a skillful negotiator to resolve issues through negotiation, the firm can meet your specific needs.
  • Will contests — Testators may create or revise wills at times when their capacity to understand what they’re doing is diminished. In other instances, they might be vulnerable to the undue influence of individuals with improper motives. In these situations and others when the validity of a will is in question, the firm can outline if a legitimate claim exists under the law and work diligently to ensure that the decedent’s true intentions are honored.
  • Trust challenges — Serving as a trustee is an important legal obligation. When someone fails to follow trust directives properly or makes an unfounded allegation that the trustee is breaching their fiduciary duty, prompt action is necessary to protect the trust and its assets. James B. Church, P.C., handles complex trust disputes and presses for a resolution that adheres to the instructions established by the instrument’s creator.

In addition to handling disputes, the firm performs all tasks associated with the administration of decedents’ estates and trusts with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Thorough lawyer provides comprehensive trust administration services

Trusts can be tailored to meet very specific needs, but that will occur only if they are administered correctly. No matter how complex your legal instrument might be, you can count on effective trust administration from an attorney with decades of experience in the field. The firm handles a complete range of trust matters, including the dispersal of assets held in living trusts, special needs trusts created to benefit a disabled family member and the repair of trusts that have been beset by problems or disputes. In every case, clients receive clear, prompt communication and skillful representation.

Knowledgeable adviser helps to establish durable powers of attorney

Creating a durable power of attorney document authorizes a trusted person to make key decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated. A serious injury or illness can occur at any time, and the firm assists clients with the drafting and execution of these arrangements. If you have established a durable power of attorney, the firm can ensure that it satisfies legal requirements so that your instructions can be carried out without undue complications.

Contact an experienced Redlands probate and trust litigator to schedule a meeting

James B. Church, P.C., advises Californians on a complete range of matters relating to the administration of trusts and estates. Serving clients throughout San Bernardino and Riverside counties, the firm handles probate litigation, trust disputes and other concerns. Please call 909-283-0659 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at the firm’s Redlands office.