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A Client-Focused Living Trust Lawyer in San Bernardino Helps Manage and Protect Your Assets

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If you’re approaching retirement, you may worry about whether you’re doing enough to plan for the future. A will is necessary and it will cover most of your needs, but some people may benefit from creating a living trust, which is a legal instrument that designates a trustee to manage your money and property. In many cases, you can name yourself the trustee until you can no longer make decisions for yourself, with another person taking over control of your assets at that point. To learn more about living trusts, speak with an estate planning lawyer at James B. Church, P.C., Attorneys at Law in Redlands. The firm’s attorneys have years of experience creating a variety of trusts for their clients, allowing people to protect the property for which they’ve worked so hard.

A living trust is an important part of sound estate planning

Generally, there are two categories of living trusts — revocable and irrevocable. The trustee may terminate a revocable trust at any time, while an irrevocable trust cannot be terminated except by court order or with the consent of the trustor, trustee and all beneficiaries. Another type of trust is a special needs trust, in which the trustee manages the assets for disabled heirs.

Your specific circumstances in life and your assets will determine which kind of trust is best for you.  As an example, individuals with blended families may desire a trust for their separate property and for their newly acquired community property.

Regardless of the type of living trust you choose, it will allow you to:

  • Maintain control of assets. A living trust lets you maintain control over your assets, while preserving them for your heirs.
  • Name a successor trustee. You may designate a successor trustee, who can take over management of the trust if you are no longer able to do so, upon becoming incapacitated.
  • Avoid court supervision. The distribution of assets in a trust does not require court supervision, allowing your heirs to skip the probate process entirely.

A trust attorney can help you protect your loved ones

A living trust is a great way to preserve your assets and property to the greatest extent possible. Working with a trust administration lawyer in San Bernardino County, you can get exactly what you need out of this process. Don’t leave anything up to chance — be sure to seek the counsel of a skilled estate planning lawyer.

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